Work in progress

We have initiated a progressive renovation of the villas and the creation of private pools. This is a program that will take us 3 years and aims to improve comfort, update facilities, and increase energy efficiency:

  • Insulation of the villas
  • Replacement of fixtures with double glazing
  • Installation of glass doors in the rooms (instead of simple windows) to access the terrace
  • Replacement of kitchens
  • Renovation of bathrooms and installation of electric towel rails
  • Floor renewal
  • Improvement of wifi with the installation of more access points and outdoor access points
  • and above all, the creation of a pool for each villa. We started in autumn 2023 from the bottom of the property with

For the Cypress villa

  • Complete renovation of the Cypress villa, including reorganization of the interior with the creation of an additional bedroom with its bathroom
  • Terrace expansion
  • Kitchen enlargement
  • Renovation of the ground floor studio with the creation of a dedicated terrace
  • Creation of a private pool For the Bougainvillea villa
  • Creation of a private pool
  • Terrace expansion

These works will be completed by the 2024 season.

During the winter of 2024/2025, we will tackle the renovation of the Bougainvillea villa and the creation of the pool for the Arbousier villa, so that by spring 2025, each villa will have its private pool.

Finally, during the winter of 2025/2026, we will complete the renovation of the Arbousier villa and the external finishes of the property improvement project.

Below, we share photos of the progress of the work.

Avancement des Travaux de la piscine Villa Bougainvillée

Avancement des travaux de la piscine villa Cyprès

Avancement des travaux du Studio de la villa Cyprès (rénovation et terrasse)

Rénovation de la villa Cyprès